Stephen A. Talmadge Jr., Ph.D., Esq.

As an associates of the Law Offices of Stage & Associates, P.A., Stephen A. Talmadge Jr., Ph.D., Esq. specializes in mental health rights of patients across the state of Florida.

LCDR (retired) Dr. Stephen Alfred Talmadge, Jr. was awarded a Ph.D. in psychology in 1989, after which he served as a licensed clinical psychologist during his 20 year career in the Navy. In 1997, he became a Diplomate in Forensic Psychology, performing evaluations and testifying in military proceedings for all services, worldwide.

Prior to becoming an associate attorney at a private law firm, Steve was employed by a public defender as a law clerk, working on cases that involved involuntary commitment in psychiatric facilities. Steve was selected as a law clerk at a U. S. Attorney’s office during law school.

Steve is published in both psychological and legal journals.