Stephen A. Talmadge Jr., Ph.D., Esq.

As an associates of the Law Offices of Stage & Associates, P.A., Stephen A. Talmadge Jr., Ph.D., Esq. specializes in mental health rights of patients across the state of Florida.

LCDR (retired) Dr. Stephen Alfred Talmadge, Jr. was awarded a Ph.D. in psychology in 1989, after which he served as a licensed clinical psychologist during his 20 year career in the Navy. In 1997, he became a Diplomate in Forensic Psychology, performing evaluations and testifying in military proceedings for all services, worldwide.

Prior to becoming an associate attorney at a private law firm, Steve was employed by a public defender as a law clerk, working on cases that involved involuntary commitment in psychiatric facilities. Steve was selected as a law clerk at a U. S. Attorney’s office during law school.

Steve is published in both psychological and legal journals.

Barbara Billiot Stage, Esq.

Barbara Billiot Stage graduated from the Florida A & M College of Law and immediately put her experience with homeowner associations to use by establishing a law firm to assist homeowners with disputes involving their associations.

After working with the Office of Regional Counsel as an Assistant Regional Counsel, Mrs. Stage recognized the need for attorneys dedicated to protecting the rights of homeowners who live in communities with little or no regulation by state agencies. A part-time practice quickly grew into a full-time career. Recognizing few homeowners
can afford to litigate their disputes with associations, Mrs. Stage made the decision to represent associations as an opportunity to provide educate to board members about ways to operate and manage an association without creating unnecessary disputes and costly litigation.